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A touch of whimsy and the romantic in Jaffa's Noga Complex

It's the eternal quandary of the young fashion designer; tired of designing and selling out of a small apartment but not yet earning enough income to warrant renting a studio space. 

For Natalie Motlis, 31, and Jul Gasin,Massive range of RadioShack Cycling clothing and Castelli clothing accessories available . 28, the answer was to open a shop together, Jul & My Lilla, in the latest hip neighborhood of Tel Aviv, Mitcham Noga, or the Noga Complex, a rapidly gentrifying warren of narrow side streets in northern Jaffa. 

Gasin, a clothing designer, knew the space would work as a combination studio/shop for herself and Motlis, a jewelry designer whose label is called My Lilla. 

“I believe in cooperation,Superb range of Castelli Cycling products at Wiggle, the online cycle, run, swim & tri shop.” said Gasin. “This is a store that's also a workspace,All Kinds of Garmin Cycling Jerseys,Wholesale Top Quality and Lower price Team Cycling Jerseys . and we work here all day, it serves our purpose.” 

Their work shares a certain romantic character; Motlis, who started out studying biology, soon left her studies and went to live in London and Scotland, where she discovered her knack for working with plastics and silicon, creating costume jewelry with a whimsical bent. Her initial interest in biology and the world of nature has led her to create pieces featuring the beribboned and crowned faces of animals and pets, a kitschy but amusing sideline that also allows customers to order pictures of their own pets featured on a necklace (between NIS 220 and NIS 350 per order). 

Creatures from the worlds of the circus, theater and dance are clearly deeply ingrained in Motlis' nature; her pop-art-inspired handbags, haircombs, necklaces, rings and bracelets feature Alice in Wonderland characters, Barbie, and other fairytale characters. The images are often printed on wood, silicon or posterboard, and then coated, sometimes with nail polish, before being cut to size. 

“I never formally studied design, but I developed my own design language over time, while always hinting to that return to the playroom,” said Motlis. “I let my imagination run wild, and allow myself to be spontaneous, which gives me greater rein to use different inspirations, shapes and materials.” 

Her partner, Jul Gasin, displays a similar romantic spirit in her design, which offers a vintage look in its wide range of fabrics and styles, but was initially inspired by a roots trip she took to St. Petersburg, Russia with her mother and sister, which they left 22 years ago. 

“All that Baroque architecture and the urban look of the women vis-à-vis the scene around them, those gold domes and ornate buildings, had a strong effect on me,Sean Yates quits as Team SKY Cycling coach .” she said. 

Having taught herself to sew at 16, and after attending design school in Italy,Bruyneel exits Specialized Cycling after armstrong report release! Gasin started her line, Jul, two years ago, aiming for an urban look that's easy to wear and mostly geared for a younger, twenty- and thirty-something crowd. 

The collection is full, including slim pants and long, full skirts, bulky knit sweaters that are imported from St. Petersburg, shirts, jackets and coats, ranging in price from NIS 220 for the shirts (including a great black pleather option), to NIS 350 for the cigarette-style pants, NIS 420 for the skirts, and NIS 920 for the trench coat. It's Gasin's third collection, and she's found that many of her customers come to buy an item or two, looking to add some signature pieces to their wardrobe.

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Goa is the place to be in February 2013, a culmination of sorts for biker fever which seems to have hit the country hard. India Bike Week, to be held on February 2 and 3, promises to be the largest congregation of bikers, over 8,000, that India has ever seen in a celebration of the biker culture, a subculture of sorts that has never been truly acknowledged in India, until now, that is.Massive range of RadioShack Cycling clothing and Castelli clothing accessories available . 

“There's going to be a lot of events, exhibitions and riding obviously, “ says Sheetal Iyer, consultant with 70 events Media Group in Mumbai and member of The Bikernis. “An exhibition of vintage models and customised bikes will be held. Also, three bike builders will be competing to win the title of the best-made bike. 

It's going to be a blast and I can't wait!” she enthuses. People with 50cc bikes or 2000cc bikes are all welcome, she specifies. 

In recent times, much greater awareness about biking has come with festivals, exhibitions, race tracks and endorsement of the sport by celebrities -like John Abraham, M.S. Dhoni and Gul Panag, all of which has led to many youngsters taking up professional racing. Many of them plan long road trips around the country. 

Adventure junkies plan even longer trips and many perceive riding as a stress-buster. 

It's not just cruisers, but even sports bikes have become a craze in the country. Bike enthusiast Bipin Kumar, roustabout at Greatship global offshore, has owned a Yamaha R1, a Suzuki GSXR 750 and now owns a Suzuki GSXR 1000. 

Rajini Krishnan, inspired by Moto GP races, started racing on the roads before moving onto professional tracks. “A friend of mine introduced me to race on tracks and ever since I haven't been able to stop. I compete at an international level and was the runner-up at the Malaysian Super Series Championship 600cc category. 

There are a lot more young enthusiasts who now want to take racing seriously. Celebrities like Dhoni are definitely an inspiration, now that he's even started his own race team MSD R-N Racing Team India,” says Rajini. 

Amidst so much enthusiasm for riding sport bikes and despite the growing awareness of biking as a legitimate sport, the sad reality, as Bipin points out, is that “India lacks the infrastructure for riding these bikes. We're pretty frustrated with Indian roads, where we're a danger to everyone on the road -beggars, dogs, even cows! I prefer to get hurt than hurting someone else,” he says, “We really do need good racing circuits in the country.“ 

While professional racing is one aspect of it, the other is celebrating biker brotherhood with one-of-a kind festivals.All Kinds of Garmin Cycling Jerseys,Wholesale Top Quality and Lower price Team Cycling Jerseys . Recently the Royal Enfield Rider Mania was held, again in Goa, from November 23 to 25. It had over 700 Royal Enfield enthusiasts participating in the festival that was packed with events, titled `Carry your Bike, `Cleanest Bike', `Beer Guzzling', `Dirt Track Races', `Figure 8', besides performances by besides performances by Shaa'ir n Func and The Raghu Dixit Project. “It's a great way of meeting other motorcyclist from across the country. The festival has been very well received and has stuck to its motto: The thump that binds, “says Sachin Chavan, General Manager, Product Development, Royal Enfield. ACTOR ABBAS, seen cruising along on his Harley Davidson recently, went on a trip from Chennai to Bhubaneswar and back. 
“The rider culture in India has grown by leaps and bounds. When you're in college it gives you an adrenaline rush, but now biking helps calm me and sort out issues clocked up in my head. Biking is a community in itself and I'm very passionate about it. “ Not far behind too is the biker sisterhood! Who says only men look badass on those heavy hunks of machinery? Women too get their adrenaline rush from riding bikes, and The Bikernis,Superb range of Castelli Cycling products at Wiggle, the online cycle, run, swim & tri shop. a national motorcycle club exclusively for women, founded by Urvashi Patole, Pune-based biker, has over 100 members. “We women don't just ride on Royal Enfields and Pulsars. We have many who ride 100cc bikes as well. We also teach newcomers, who are usually owners of non-geared scooters, how to ride motorcycles, “says Urvashi. 

The group sure does prove wrong every stereotype about biking being a guy thing. “Obviously, we deal with quite an amount of sexism,” grants Sheetal, who is also a member, “But trust me, 90 per cent of people out there actually respect women in the rider's seat. I've personally received a lot of support from my co-bikers and clubs across the country. 
It's been great. “ 

Last September, the group rode to Khardung La in Leh, Ladakh on a record setting journey. They were the first and largest group of female motorcyclists to reach the highest motorable road in the world. Chithra Priya, one of the bikers on the team, covered 1,600 km in 24 hours all by herself. “To me riding is like breathing, like yoga. It calms me and is highly addictive, “she says. “It lets me push myself to my limits. I absolutely love it. “ 

A professional racer, Chithra attended the Rider Mania festival. “We need more forums to talk about professional biking and showcase talent. India has one of the largest markets for bikes but it hasn't been explored enough, “she says. 

If this were to be done, there'd be a market for biker fashion too, waiting to be mined. For its true, there’s nothing cooler than a biker sporting a leather jacket and that laid-back swagger. 

For riders, whether they're cruising on their Enfield or zooming past on a Ducati, there's one thing they all share in common, passion. And looks like it's not dying down anytime soon. Actor Dino Morea, who's been a part of road trips, speed races and more,The Whole SAXO BANK Cycling Team is a non-profit Junior and U-23 development program. since his college days, thinks bikers are definitely tagged “cool“. “Initially,Bruyneel exits Specialized Cycling after armstrong report release! it was all about commuting, but now biking is definitely a fashion statement. It's always the rough and tough bad boys you see riding along on their heavy bikes. It's hard to separate the image of a biker from the leather jacket and the boots, so yeah; style is definitely connected to biking.”

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Take 25% Off Calypso St. Barth and Consider Your Holiday Outfit Taken Care Of

It's that time of the year where a simple glance at your planner can induce waves of outfit anxiety. Office holiday party,Massive range of Garmin Cycling clothing and Castelli clothing accessories available . Christmas with your new BF's family, glitzy NYE event—there's a lot to polish up for. That's why we are seriously crushing on Calypso St. Barth's new Soiree collection. 

The range of eveningwear is true to the label's glitzy, boho vibe and is geared toward effortlessly dressing women for any event that might be on the social calendar. The part we love most is that each piece is totally versatile on it's own, so you can mix and match styling the look to your taste. 

There's a bit of everything on offer: leather pants, embellished dresses, kimono jackets,Bruyneel exits Castelli Cycling after armstrong report release! all of which are as no-fuss as they are glam. One of our fave picks is the the loose-fitting, gold sequin pants–who doesn't need a pair of those? Literally just throw on a t-shirt and booties for a dinner downtown or stilettos and a tuxedo jacket for an upscale holiday party. We also love the longsleeved black mini dress with beading. Again, shoes and accessories make all the difference for how and where you rock it. 

To receive 25% off your total purchase at Calypso St. Barth just click here. Beyond outfit ideas for you, there's also plenty of amazing lifestyle gifts (candles, books, pillows and more) for the chic women in your life–happy holidays! 

It's a similar story for Saskia De Brauw who has spoken out about posing for Saint Laurent. Designer Hedi Slimane chose the model's androgynous look to showcase his menswear collection and with that boyish crop and skinny suits, Saskia makes the perfect boy-girl. Speaking to i-D about the shoot,A voguejacket, often called a seat, is one of three contact points on an upright bicycle, the others being the pedals and the handlebars.Sean Yates quits as Team RadioShack Cycling coach . she reveals she initially didn't even know it was for menswear, 'To be honest, for me it wasn't even clear we would be shooting a men's campaign. As the day evolved it became evident All Kinds of Specialized Cycling Jerseys,Wholesale Top Quality and Lower price Team Cycling Jerseys .that he wanted to use me for his men's campaign.' 

Despite Slimane keeping the gender-bending up his sleeve, it sounds like Saskia was more than happy to play the part. 'The pieces are classics. I think they will appeal to both men and women in the same way,' she says. 'I know that my boyfriend would love to buy some pieces and so would I!' And just like Casey, Saskia confesses that she often gets mistaken for a man on the street, 'Sometimes people mistake me for a man. In Paris I often hear “bonjour monsieur”'. 

Casey tells us she hopes her modelling – and new-found fashion fame – will help others embrace their gender differences. ‘In modelling I'm saying it's not so black and white. It requires a lot of courage to go up against what people expect of genders and if I am able to be an example that allows it to be easier for everybody else to be themselves, I'd like that. My body is my vehicle and I'm curious to see where it's going to go.'

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Police shoot armed robbery suspect at South Edmonton Common bank

Police shot and wounded an armed suspect at a bank robbery Tuesday in bustling South Edmonton Common during the peak Christmas shopping season. 

The male suspect “was struck numerous times,” and was taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries, said Clif Purvis, executive director of the Alberta Serious Incident Response Team. 

He said the suspect is in his mid-20s, and was armed with a handgun when two uniformed officers responded to a call about 2 p.m. at the Canadian Western Bank at 2142 99th St. 

Several shots were fired, but no officers, customers or employees were injured. 

He could not say how many shots were fired by the suspect, if any. 

He said several witnesses remained in the bank Tuesday evening, where they were being interviewed by police. He said it wasn't clear if the witnesses were all bank employees or if there had been customers in the bank, as well. 

“Obviously, this is a very traumatic experience for them,” Purvis said. 

Several people left the bank through the back door about 5:30 p.m. Tuesday. A woman in a long red parka held the door open as another woman in a dark jacket walked through and was met by a police officer. The officer led her to the front seat of a police cruiser, then drove off. 

Around the same time, a large police forensics truck arrived at the scene. 

Deputy police chief Brian Simpson offered few other details in a short statement to media.All Kinds of Specialized Cycling Jerseys,Wholesale Top Quality and Lower price Team Cycling Jerseys . Since the event featured an officer-involved shooting, the case was handed over to ASIRT, he said. 

Chief Rod Knecht arrived at the scene about 3 p.Massive range of Garmin Cycling clothing and Castelli clothing accessories available .m., conferring with other officers outside the bank.A voguejacket, often called a seat, is one of three contact points on an upright bicycle, the others being the pedals and the handlebars. 

Workers at nearby businesses said at least nine police cruisers and an ambulance began showing up at the bank around 2 p.m.Sean Yates quits as Team RadioShack Cycling coach . 

Deirdre O'Riordan and Shantel Costin watched some of the action unfold from the nearby diet clinic where they work after hearing their co-workers saying, “Guns! Guns! Guns!” 

The women said they looked outside to see police cars, and armed officers running into the bank. 

“There were a whole bunch of police cars pulling up and they were whipping out guns out of the trunk, and we were like, ‘Holy Mackerel, what happened?' ” said Costin. “We were all really shaken up actually. It was kind of crazy.” 

The women said ambulance crews took someone away on a stretcher, but the person was covered in a sheet. The ambulance left without its sirens on and didn't appear to be in a hurry, they said. 

The women said they didn't hear gunshots, as their co-workers had been popping sheets of bubble wrap at the time the incident occurred. 

“It was pretty scary, especially when you're working right next to it,” said O'Riordan.Bruyneel exits Castelli Cycling after armstrong report release! 

Costin described it as “kind of like a movie.” 

“Not something you're used to seeing in real life,” she said. 

Doris Damboise, an employee at the PartSource store next to the bank, said one her co-workers came in and told her the bank had been robbed. 

She looked outside to see “lots and lots” of police officers carrying assault rifles. 

“We didn't even know what was going on,” she said. “It's kind of shocking.” 

Damboise said they didn't know anyone had been hurt until they saw the ambulance crew take someone away. 

Another PartSource employee said he saw some of the officers with their weapons drawn standing behind their cars.

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Santa asks for assistance

Just one week remains to make a donation to this year's Goodfellows campaign. All donations should be made by December 18.

Goodfellows provides Christmas gifts for children from families in need. It is a cooperative effort of West Central Community Action and the Denison Bulletin and Review.

Priority is given to children age 12 and younger.

Donations received so far are from: Eugene Sleister, $100; anonymous, $1,000; Lois Duncan, $20; Meents Construction, $100; Area Coyote Hunters, $200; Ron and Alice Reiser, toys and $25; Quinlan, Roman, Monroe and Ezra Bygness,The Canada Goose Winter Jackets is simple, yet classic, and designed to be worn where extreme weather protection is a necessity. clothes, toys and books; Kenneth and Barbara Lueck, toys and $50; Tommie Schlink, 50 boys and 50 girls hand-knitted hats; West Central Iowa Collector's Club, $50; Carol and Warren Skarin, $100; David Duncan, $50; Dale Wight, $60; Harold Frehse, $50, books and three large snow globes; Nick and Anna Wiges, toys and books; Crawford County Cattlemen, $100 Iowa Beef certificate; Zion Nifty Needles, stocking caps and toys; St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church, $696.70 for turkeys; Immanuel Lutheran Quilters, six quilts; United Methodist Women Friday Club, $100; East Boyer Rustlers, toys; Vincent and Glenda Mahaney, $25; Helen Finzen, $20; Boettger Bulldozing, $100; Our Savior Lutheran Fellowship Club, $100; Robert and Rosemarie Hitt, $50; United Church of Westside, clothes and toys; and Zion Evening Guild, $25.

Donations of toys, clothing, other items and money may be brought to West Central Community Action at 145 North Seventh Street, Denison,The Canada Goose Trillium Parka was developed as a nod to the styling and needs of post war bush pilots in Canadas north. between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, or to the Denison Bulletin and Review office at 1410 Broadway during normal business hours, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, and 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Tuesday and Friday.

Another way to donate is to pick a tag from the Goodfellows tree at Wal-Mart, shop for the items listed on the card and return the gifts to Wal-Mart.

Donations are tax deductible. Donations will help the following Goodfellows families:

A seven-year-old boy is hoping for a merrier Christmas. He wears size 14 shirts and pants and a size two shoe. He would like a small Lego set, family games and a watch.

Another Goodfellows family has four daughters,The Canada Goose Resolute Parka is made longer to protect thighs from extreme cold . ages 1, 6, 7 and 10, and one son, age 2. The youngest girl wears size 3T shirts and pants and a size 6 shoe. She would like My Sweet Love baby doll, Baby Alive – Beautiful New Baby and Baby Alive – New Teeth. The six-year-old girl wears size 5/6 shirts and pants and a girls' size 11.5 shoe. Her wish list includes Barbies, a Barbie house and a dish set. The eight-year-old wears 14-16 large shirts and pants and a size 3-4 shoe. For Christmas, she would like arts and crafts, socks, underwear, snowpants, a coat and boots.Canada Goose Sale high quality authentic canada goose coat with best price. The seven-year-old wears size 8 shirts and pants and a size 1 shoe. She would like a Bratz doll, a toy dog that walks and barks and a backpack. The oldest girl wears size 10 pants and shirts and a size 2.5 shoe. She would like a jewelry boutique, a Twilight Barbie doll and a monkey rug. The boy wears size 4 pants and shirts and a size 7 shoe. His list includes a Spiderman Mega Battle Racer, a remote control car and a jacket.Thoughtful details such as interior security pockets make the authentic canada goose jackets for an urban journey.

Another Goodfellows family has one boy, age 10 and one girl, age nine. The boy wears size 14/16 shirts, size 16 pants and a size 7 shoe. He would like a football, socks and a size 18 jacket. The girl wears size 10/12 shirts, size 12 slim pants and size 4 shoes. Her list includes Monster High dolls, a Dora the Explorer pillow and a size 14/16 jacket.

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Macklemore And Ryan Lewis Get Custom Vans, Go Thrift Shopping On The DUB Magazine Project

Ever since we first saw Macklemore and Ryan Lewis's "Thrift Shop" music video, we've been all over the powerhouse duo's every move with multiple Google alerts, dedicated Twitter lists, and a near-complete monopoly over our headphones (if ONLY they had a Christmas album!!!!) This Sunday, MTV2's The DUB Magazine Project featured the MC + DJ team, taking them to get custom Vans and — you guessed it — go thrifting!

After a brief intro by Machine Gun Kelly, the segment opens with Macklemore in a fur stole, fringe vest, green color block shirt buttoned to the tippy top and layered with two discrete gold chains. Also, tortoise shell shades. Ryan Lewis was clad in a red big check plaid shirt with amber clubmaster sunnies, and a yellow gold watch — understatedly stylish as always. The two banter about coming up in hip-hop despite Seattle's heavily grunge-centric scene before heading into The Ave Venice to get hooked up with a pair each of custom sneakers. Black slip-on Vans to be exact. The sales associate says it's "the only place in the world where you can put digital pictures onto Vans and Chucks." WHOA! Ryan pays homage to Mad Men with a "Lucky Strike" pair,Cheap Canada Goose Montebello Full Zip Hoody For Sale. while Macklemore opts for this snap of himself with Rick Ross. "One of my best friends," Mack says while showing the sales associate his pick,I compare {} dre in ear tour headphones.Canada Goose Whistler Parka "Shout out to Rozay.Wonderful Gucci handbags collection: Ralph Lauren hoody and discount Gucci handbags by Styledrops..The Canada Goose Trillium Parka was developed as a nod to the styling and needs of post war bush pilots in Canadas north.. He has no idea who I am."

After that, the two (and the DUB team, of course), head to a thrift shop. "Cali is one of the best places to thrift shop," Macklemore explains, "so I'm excited to see what Venice has." Thumbing through racks of bedazzled denim jackets and trying on anything leathered and fringed he could get his hands on, he jokes about having "4 to 5 different stylists" and a "squad of 10 to 15 different people" ready to do them up in all sorts of makeup before revealing the truth about the Macklemore & Ryan Lewis style team: "Umm, no. We don't have anything."

The thrifting may stop there in the actual episode, but our friends at MTV2 put out a bonus clip from their shopping adventure wherein Mack goes in on his thrifting strategy. He reveals his go-to is the women's section, "extra extra large,Official supplier for authentic north face jackets and other top brands. that's where you find the gems." While he's squeezing his shoulders into a white leather jacket with black Thriller-reminiscent V-stripe detailing, he says sarcastically, "You know it's just the right size if it hurts to put on." See all the Macklemore DUB Magazine Project for yourself below!

“The health of the league is stable,” she said, pointing out that three WNBA franchises came out in the black for the first time ever last season. The Lynx was one of those teams, and Reeve said Minnesota has become a place the sport has moved beyond niche status.

“We've got a good thing going,” she said. “We carry the torch of being the best Minnesota team, especially [state native and Lynx guard] Lindsay Whalen.”

Reeve also addressed lighter topics, including her famous jacket toss arguing a blown call during game two of last season's WNBA Finals.

“The next 48 hours [after the jacket toss] were unbelievable,” she said. “They could not pay for the amount of advertising the WNBA got…and I still got fined. They should have been paying me.”

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County by county news for Tuesday

Smyrna plans public hearing on ward changes

Smyrna will hold a public hearing 7:30 p.m. Dec. 17 at City Hall, 2800 King St. on a proposed redistricting plan for the city’s seven wards. In an effort to balance the size of each ward, the city plans to move about 5,000 residents from its largest Ward 7 into other wards.

Growth and annexation in the west side district since 2000 has led to an increase in population from 5,760 to 12, 209.All Kinds of Specialized Cycling Jerseys,Wholesale Top Quality and Lower price Team Cycling Jerseys .

Smyrna’s population in 2010 was 51, 602.

Tucker McQueen for the AJC

Marietta to consider gas station rezoning

The Marietta City Council on Wednesday will consider a rezoning and 10 variances for a gas station and convenience store at the intersection of Burnt Hickory Road and Whitlock Avenue. Quick Trip is proposing to build a 5,A voguejacket, often called a seat, is one of three contact points on an upright bicycle, the others being the pedals and the handlebars.720 square-foot convenience store and eight-bay gas station with pumps on each side. Plans also include a 315-foot long retaining wall behind the property.

Tucker McQueen for the AJC

Pharmacy robbed by gunman

Cobb County police are asking the public’s help in identifying a man who robbed a CVS pharmacy at 2014 Powers Ferry Road in Marietta Wednesday.

The robber entered the store at 4:23 p.Massive range of Garmin Cycling clothing and Castelli clothing accessories available .m., approached the pharmacy counter and demanded specific prescription drugs as well as cash from the register. The man displayed a handgun that was tucked into his waistband.

The suspect is described as a heavyset black male about 6 feet tall, between 40 and 50 years of age wearing black plastic-rimmed eyeglasses, a black jacket and a skull cap. He wore a surgical mask to conceal his face and latex gloves over his hands, and walked with a black cane and a noticeable limp. He fled in a gold or tan sport utility vehicle. Andria Simmons

First Baptist hosts weekend events

The church choir and orchestra of the First Baptist Church of Powder Springs will present “The Wonderful Story of Christmas” at 6:15 p.m. Saturday and Sunday at the church,Bruyneel exits Castelli Cycling after armstrong report release! 4330 North Ave., Powder Springs.

Also, the church’s Contemporary Arts Ministry will present “Candlelight Christmas in the Springs” at 6:30 p.m. Sunday.

Information: fbcps.org or 770-943-9333.Carolyn Cunningham

Church benefit for food, clothing pantry

Powder Springs First United Methodist Church hosts Cafe Noel with all profits going to Christian Aid Mission Partnership, a food and clothing pantry in Austell.

The Christmas music shows will begin and desserts will be served at 5 p.Sean Yates quits as Team RadioShack Cycling coach .m. and 7:30 p.m. Saturday at the Ford Center, 4181 Atlanta St.

Tickets: $15 in advance; $20 at the door. Information: powderspringsfumc.org/cafe-noel-2012-paypal or 770-943-5130. Carolyn Cunningham

Farmers market to operate year round

The Marietta Square Farmers Market operates year round 9 a.m. to noon Saturdays on Mill Street off the Square through Dec. 22, and reopen will Jan. 5. The winter market will include 38 vendors selling Georgia grown vegetables, milk, eggs, meat, shea butter, jelly and honey. Tucker McQueen for the AJC

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Detained, Tortured and Held Without Trial, a Saudi Political Prisoner Returns Home

On weekend mornings, Ghazi al-Harbi likes to give his daughter driving lessons. Raaf is only 9, and women can't drive in Saudi Arabia anyway, but that doesn't stop her from hopping on her dad's knee and taking control of the wheel. “Its okay, I'm in control, don't be scared,” she belts out over her father's laughter. He guides her through a roundabout in the small city of Tabouk, and lets her steer them back home.

Like most weekends, al-Harbi has a full day planned with his daughter. He's spent the last seven years in prison, and is now racing to get to know her. “I see my daughter and I don't feel like she is my daughter. I am trying to bond with her, but I still feel she is not the daughter that I knew”

Al-Harbi's daughter was only two years old when he was arrested at the King Faisal Air Base, just a few miles from his house. That's where he served as an officer in the Saudi Ministry of Defense. He was accused of conspiring to commit treason, and proposing demonstrations against the state. He denies both crimes. “I have never been out in a demonstration. I have never called for a demonstration. I was simply going from my work to my home. I was living my life for my family.”

Al-Harbi says he spent four years in jail before he defended the charges against him in a court of law. “In the presence of the judge I was taken with my eyes blindfolded and my feet tied. I said their accusations were not true and I requested to see proof”. According to al-Harbi the judge ruled that he had served his full sentence and should be set free.Sean Yates quits as Team RadioShack Cycling coach . However, as a political prisoner, he was under the domain of the Ministry of Interior, Saudi Arabia's powerful national security agency. al-Harbi says the Ministry overruled the judge's decision and kept him in prison for another three years. “They said I was a unique prisoner and they do not have a law to treat me with”

Following the Sept.Saving up to 69% off to get the real authentic Moncler Jackets and the newest canada goose expedition parka. 11 attacks in the U.S., Saudi Arabia endured its own set of al-Qaeda attacks against civilian and government targets. The Kingdom responded by giving its Interior Ministry unprecedented authority to go after terrorists. Mohammad al-Qahtani, a prominent human rights activist in Riyadh says this authority is being abused. “It gave the ministry of interior an open hand to detain anyone,Bruyneel exits Castelli Cycling after armstrong report release! throw them in prison, lock them up incommunicado foryears without any legal protection, and what happened to Ghazi is a clear case of that open hand.”

Al-Qahtani founded the Saudi Civil and Political Rights Association, one of the country's only human rights groups. He says, cases like al-Harbi's are common in Saudi Arabia. He gets around 8 to 10 calls a week from families claiming a brother, son, or father is being held arbitrarily and without legal rights. Since 2004, ACPRA has been working with the Swiss human rights organization Alkarama tofile the cases with the United Nations. But al-Qahtani says this approach has landed them under investigation themselves. “We have made it clear, we are not going to be quiet about this, we are going public. And I think that maybe ticked off the Ministry of Interior and that's why they are going after us right now.”

TIME asked the Ministry of Interior to comment on Ghazi's case but received no reply.

In a meeting with a group of American journalists last spring, Brigadier General Mansour al-Turki, a spokesperson for the Ministry admitted they have made wrongful arrests. “Even if we make a mistake that is okay. From the interrogation, we will be able to tell if this person is clear and we will release him.” But he said, the Ministry does not detain anyone without conclusive evidence of his involvement in terrorism.Massive range of Garmin Cycling clothing and Castelli clothing accessories available . “Of the 11,000 people we have officially arrested, how many are in prison, only about 50 percent that number.”

A Human Rights Watch report from 2009 paints a different picture.

The non-profit interviewed over two-dozen families of political detainees in 2006 and 2007, and according the to report, “only two of whom reported that their relatives had received trials. According to the families, these two men had completed their sentences but remained in detention.” The report also describes prisoner beatings, sleep deprivation and threats to family members.

Al-Harbi was released in February. He says the conditions of his release, were as puzzling as his imprisonment. For that reason,All Kinds of Specialized Cycling Jerseys,Wholesale Top Quality and Lower price Team Cycling Jerseys . he's afraid he could end up back there at any time. “I am living in every meaning of the word, a nightmare. I am living in fear…I feel like I have no rights.”

The officer has returned to his old post in the military, although he is now taking orders from colleagues who previously not senior to him. His morning routine is exactly the same as it was before his imprisonment. He carefully folds the sleeves of his military jacket, laces up his boots and covers his head with a camouflage-rimmed hat. But the feeling he gets wearing the uniform has changed. “I used to wear my uniform with pride, with dedication, and I used to go to the field, sit with the other soldiers and I was very proud… I am a different person than I was 7 years ago.”

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Police seek 3 suspects in robbery of elderly woman

Metro Police are searching for two women and a man suspected in the robbery of an elderly woman in late November.

At about 11 p.m. on Nov. 26, the woman was robbed of her purse in a neighborhood near Mount Hood Street and Lake Mead Boulevard, Officer Laura Meltzer said. The suspects did not use a weapon,Massive range of Garmin Cycling clothing and Castelli clothing accessories available . Meltzer said.

Police were able to track the suspects after one of them allegedly used the victim’s bank card at a store about 20 minutes after the robbery, authorities said.

The vehicle they drove is believed to be a white, two-door pickup truck with a toolbox in the bed near the rear cab window,Bruyneel exits Castelli Cycling after armstrong report release! police said.

The suspects were all described as black and 18 or 19-years-old.

One woman was described as 5 feet 5 inches to 5 feet 7 inches tall and 130 to 140 pounds. She wore a white headband, a dark hooded jacket with white interior lining and two white stripes down each sleeve and the hood, red pants and white shoes with dark laces, police said.

The second woman was described as 5 feet 8 inches to 5 feet 10 inches tall and 145 to 155 pounds. Police said she wore a headband, a dark hooded jacket with a design on the back, a white shirt, blue jeans and light-colored shoes.

The third suspect was described as a black man standing 5 feet 10 inches to 6 feet tall and weighing 160 to 175 pounds. Police said he wore a black cap, gray hooded jacket with front pockets, dark jeans and dark shoes.

Mount Vernon police separately also converged on the apartment, spurred by a call Crawford himself made to police in which he posed as a neighbor alerting authorities about a "disturbance" in the apartment where he had lived for about 18 months.

Crawford, who had bicycled away from his apartment, was arrested near the Target store on East Sandford Boulevard in Mount Vernon a few hours after Simmons' body was discovered, police said.

MacDonald said Crawford is aware of his situation and the allegation that he is a serial killer.

"It concerns him," the lawyer said. "He denies it.All Kinds of Specialized Cycling Jerseys,Wholesale Top Quality and Lower price Team Cycling Jerseys ."

Crawford's arrest and alleged connection to three slayings have prompted investigators to dust off unsolved homicide cases.

White Plains Public Safety Commissioner David Chong said the city jailed Crawford for six months on a misdemeanor charge about 20 years ago, and investigators now are sifting through old cases such as incidents involving stabbings and women.

"We have nothing that matches at this point .Get 2012 the Latest monster beats cheap in the Best Styles..The Moncler Outerwear is really the additional clothing .. the detectives are still researching," he said. "You just keep going back year after year."

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The Oufit That Saved My Life

If you've read any of my previous blog posts, you've noticed that I, like most women, have struggled with confidence issues at different points in my life. We all go through difficult and awkward stages,The high quality Canada Goose Heli-Arctic Parka women will last you for seasons to come. mostly in the horror show of junior high, but mine were so severe and debilitating I barely spoke.

When I joined the basketball team, I went through the whole season without talking to a single teammate, and yet all the players would hug my dad at practice. Why did I feel so inadequate? It was a toxic combination of only child syndrome, a stressful family life and anxiety issues. It seems strange, but one outfit and one day somehow changed everything for me. It made life kind of.Canada Goose Sale high quality authentic moncler jackets womens with best price...livable.

Let me back track. For my entire childhood, I was by most definitions a tomboy, probably because I thought my gender was Simba or dinosaur or whatever cartoon character I was into at the time.Cheap Yves Saint Laurent burberry bags High Quality Replica Bags. My mom was a working single gal, so dressing me up was never the most important thing on her mind. She was more concerned about affording my daycare, and I just wanted to crawl on my hands and knees like a lion. Let's just say I didn't dress like a Gap Kids model and there were no '90s era frilly dresses or hair accessories. Save for a few pairs of smiley face socks, there was nothing too snazzy in my closet.

My best friend at the time, Lindsay, on the other hand had a wardrobe straight out of the "Parent Trap." Her mom and dad were bitter divorcees that tried to buy her love with monochromatic sparkly ensembles that put my baggy jeans from JCPenney to shame. She was the one that introduced me to Limited Too, American Girl and good old fashioned mall shopping.

Limited Too sounded like a magical land where there was glitter on EVERYTHING so naturally I had to go there. My mom and I made the trip from the Bronx to Westchester, where there are actual malls. After lots of begging, I left with an awesome baby blue satin oriental print shirt and pants set that was on sale because I think it was actually a pair of pajamas.

Since I wore a uniform at school and my extracurricular life only involved building my rock and Pokemon collections, I had nowhere to wear my new digs. So I saved them for picture day, which is kind of like a debutante ball for Catholic school kids.

I had never been so excited to go to school before, and when I walked into the classroom that day people noticed me and gasp I received compliments -- before then I had never even known what those were. To say I felt empowered would be an understatement. What I discovered in that moment was that I could communicate to people without saying a word. I had so many things to say, and such a complicated inner world but no way to reach out to other people: clothes became a way to do that. I was saying to everyone, "I have opinions! I made this choice!" In a confusing and scary world there was one thing I could control: my appearance.

Over that year my interests started to drift further and further away from my peers.This Canada Goose Banff Parka is the best answer. I obsessively listened to a heavy metal girl band Kittie, and I didn't think Justin Timberlake was cute at all. Soon getting dressed had less to do with pleasing other people and became more about expressing my interests. I stopped comparing myself to other people and thought about what I liked. It was like creating and being my own movie character and it didn't involve Disney this time. Yes, I wore awkward fishnet tops and sneakers with skulls on them and people thought I was weird, but it didn't matter. I was expressing things that I felt inside: anger, frustration and just feeling like an alien. I was making so many statements. I was an eleven year-old performance artist.It's very good discount gucci handbags!This product is the best of world! No biggie.

When I got to high school, my interests and style changed, the same with college and even multiple times after that. But of course through all of it, the important thing wasn't what I was wearing. It was what I was doing in the clothes: developing a good brain and having fulfilling experiences. But feeling good about myself in what I was wearing made me stop being a hermit and do these things. I've found that wearing wacky things really facilitates conversation in a city that's hard to engage with socially. I even met my best friend after she complimented my jacket.

This post might make it sound like I'm trying to get you to join my fashionable cult, but that's not the case. I have a lot of issues with fashion as a feminist and general earth walker. It's a business that often exploits women's insecurities to sell things, and that sucks. But in the right hands (your own), it can be the coolest thing ever. And for those ladies who feel like putting time and energy into their appearance is a burden, that's totally cool too.

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Deirdre Capone Explains Uncle Al's Whiskey Drink Updated December 6, 2012

The eccentric grandniece of Al Capone shared her notorious "Uncle Al's," recipe for a proper cocktail Wednesday night with hundreds of Chicagoans decked out in '20s fashion in celebration of the 79th anniversary of Prohibition repeal day at the Chicago History Museum.

Deirdre Capone, 72, explained the two-finger pour of whiskey on the rocks Uncle Al taught her with a half teaspoon of water to top it off as 26-year-old bartender Brandon Phillips added the recipe to his pocket-sized drink book.

"I came down to celebrate the repeal,Burberry Outlet Offers louis vuitton borse Sale with Free Shipping." said Phillips,Shop the latest replica shoes on the world's largest fashion site. who bartends at the Drawing Room. "I believe I've poured her a drink once or twice."

Wearing a white fur jacket, Deirdre Capone signed Phillips' cocktail book and reveled in her great-uncle's notoriety.

"Look at those hands," she said, admiring her own hands. "Those are Capone hands."

Deirdre Capone told stories of growing up with her great-uncle and her grandfather, Ralph Capone, immediately after a video presentation by the history museum that depicted the brutality of Capone and drew cheers from the crowd.

"Al Capone was a mobster.This Canada Goose Banff Parka is the best answer. Yes he was," she said. "Was he a monster? No, he was not."

When she was in her 30s, Deirdre Capone said she ran from the shadow of her notorious relative to Minnesota, but returned to visit Chicago and ultimately accepted her ties to Al Capone.More and more fashion ladies would like to buy Canada Goose Mystique Parka women in low price in our store.

"I'm not some kind of razor blade chewing woman," she said.

Although the Italian American community in Chicago has expressed outrage in the past for Capone-based events, John Russick, the history museum's director of curatorial affairs, said the name is too synonymous with Chicago to hide the history.

"It's nice they are finally acknowledging this is part of our history," said 49-year-old River North resident Edward Cole. "It's kind of about time."

Deirdre Capone said she was surprised by the huge turnout for the event, which drew a sold out crowd of 400.

"There is a fascination with this era of our history," she said.It's very good discount gucci handbags!This product is the best of world! "Back then men were men, women were women and people were living on the edge."

Brenda Miller, whose family worked for Al and Ralph Capone, came all the way from Kentucky to celebrate her 46th birthday with Deirdre Capone.

"My family has always told me about Ralph and Al ever since I was a kid," she said. "My family spent many summers at Ralph's home in Mercer, Wis."

For 65-year-old George Rogge, the throwback to the '20s and the Prohibition era at the museum Wednesday night was eerily reminiscent to today's fight over the legalization of marijuana.

"I think the Prohibition era is just like today with the marijuana situation," Rogge, who lives in the Loop, said. "It's almost the exact same thing."

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Nashville Season 1 Review “Where He Leads Me”

So, it looks like our little she-cat might just be falling in love with a Boy Scout. In the mid-season finale of Nashville, “Where He Leads Me,” Juliette got to meet her Tebow's family…but although she fell in love with them instantly, Mama Tebow had very little interest in gaining a shoplifting, partying daughter-in-law with a mother in rehab,Shop the latest replica shoes on the world's largest fashion site. a fact she made more than clear when Juliette came to Sunday dinner.

Juliette's response? Why, to propose marriage,Buy hogan scarpe at the best price and free shipping. of course! No one puts Juliette in a corner! We didn't get to see if Tebow accepted or not, but given that we later saw a preview with Juliette in a wedding dress, it's a fair guess that he decided it was time to get married and lose his virginity.The unique Canada Goose Solaris Parka hooded jacket women is the necessary choice for those chic people. Yeah, that'll end well, I'm sure. Quickie marriages for religious purposes and in defiance of parental figures always do, right?

Meanwhile,Burberry Outlet Offers louis vuitton borse Sale with Free Shipping. Rayna was trying to deal with the mess Teddy and the photos and the whole political campaign created in her life. Although he went to Rayna and tried to explain about the pictures, the media still had a field day when they were leaked. Like Tammy before her, Rayna decided to stand by her man…at least for the sake of her children. But it was terribly hard for her, especially when she learned that he had embezzled several million dollars and that everyone knew but her. And then when his gal pal tried to commit suicide…it certainly didn't seem like nothing had happened between them.

Rayna is the strongest character on the show, but this episode certainly tested her. She managed to come looking more awesome than ever. Her duet with Juliette shot to the top of the charts…but in exchange for this bit of good news, the label started to pressure her into headlining a tour with her rival.More and more fashion ladies would like to buy Canada Goose Mystique Parka women in low price in our store. Obviously, she has to accept. It's just good television. Like I've been saying from day one, that's gonna be one hell of a tour.

Speaking of tours, Deacon decided to get out of Nashville for awhile by accepting an offer from some old music buddies to go on tour with them. Will he be leaving the show or will something stop him? Perhaps it will have to do with the drugs and alcohol the musicians claim they've given up. It's always easier said than done.

Gunnar's girlfriend offered Scarlett the opportunity to audition for a girl band, but it wasn't entirely altruistic…she really just wanted to get her away from Gunnar. Of course, Gunnar wasn't at all happy about that and broke up with the chick. He then felt free to kiss Scarlett, but she wasn't quite there yet. She's slower to heal; although it's clear she feels something for Gunnar, her wounds from Avery are still fresh.

Avery, on the other hand, is finding out that fame comes with a price, namely the betrayal of his whole band. It's such a music show cliche; one person makes it, but the producer always wants them to dump their band. Will Avery do it or not? It will certainly determine how we feel about him for the rest of the show? But honestly, without his connection to Scarlett…how does he fit into the big picture? Could his story be done?

All in all, it was a solid cliffhanger that will no doubt bring people back in January. I really enjoyed the first part of the season, far more than I thought I would, and I'll be one of the ones looking forward to more country tunes next year!

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Thousands attend funeral for slain Cold Spring officer Decker

More than 2,000 law enforcement personnel from numerous states and Canada attended the funeral Wednesday for Tom Decker, the Cold Spring officer shot to death last week behind a downtown bar and who was eulogized as "a gift that helped spread God's love everywhere in his short life."

Decker's casket was escorted into St. John's Abbey and University Church, where more than 3,000 people attended the Catholic funeral mass. After the roughly two-hour service, mourners drove to St. Nicholas Catholic Cemetery in Luxemburg, Minn., for Decker's burial.

About 2,300 people there represented law enforcement from dozens of Minnesota agencies, along with departments in North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Montana, Illinois, Florida and Ontario.

Mourners in uniform from Pine County, Shakopee, Savage, Baxter and elsewhere in Minnesota lined the wooden pews. Each hymn ended with a silence that hung heavy with grief and respect for the 31-year-old officer.

Gov. Mark Dayton entered and took his seat at 11 a.m.Scarpe Hogan Interactive 2012 Donna Marrone dsquared shoes Outlet . as a woman sang "You Raise Me Up." As Decker's family entered, each clutched a blue-tinged white rose. Decker's wife, Alicia, was escorted on each arm by Cold Spring officers. The procession of Decker's close friends and family was so large that several rows of officers quietly stood and walked out so his family could be seated.

The program noted that Thomas Edward Decker was born Nov. 2, 1981, baptized Nov. 15, 1981, and "entered eternal life" on Nov. 29, 2012.

The service began when Decker's wooden casket was rolled to the front and sprinkled with holy water.Buy hogan scarpe at the best price and free shipping.

The Rev. Cletus Connors, pastor of St. Boniface Catholic Church in Cold Spring, gave the homily at a lectern behind Decker's casket, which was draped in white.

Connors said he was a friend and neighbor of Decker, whom he called "Thomas" or "Tommy" throughout his remarks.

"We are trying to make sense of an aspect of life that can never truly be understood," Connors said.

Decker's death leaves "a feeling of darkness" and one of a "bright light having been extinguished," he added.

Connors said that Decker was "a gift that helped spread God's love everywhere in his short life. . . . We are all better for having known him."

The priest said he believes Decker would want those left behind to be "strong, determined, unafraid for the future" and to maintain their belief in God and their love for one another.

The Rev. Thomas Olson closed the service by thanking the thousands of officers in attendance and said, "We pray very much for all of you men and women in law enforcement -- for the work that you do and in gratitude for how you live your lives.Bruyneel exits LIVESTRONG Cycling after armstrong report release!The unique Canada Goose Solaris Parka hooded jacket women is the necessary choice for those chic people. A greater love than this, Jesus said, no one had than the love to lay down his life for one's friends. Thank you for what you do."

As the beginning of the service drew near, bagpipers began a dirge as the auditorium filled up. An overflow room of 300 also neared capacity.

Burial was scheduled for 1 p.m. at St. Nicholas Catholic Cemetery in Luxemburg, Minn.

Thousands of people lined up along Highway 2 to pay their respects as the hears drove by, including hundreds of students in front of Rocori High School, Decker's alma mater.

A temporary electronic sign along the highway shared the message: "A hero remembered never dies."

Two orange utility trucks on either side of Red River Av. Read "RIP Tommy" as the drivers stood by, hands on their hearts. The same electric sign flashed to True Blue Warrior Hero, and Decker's face.

Another sign alternated between "RIP Tommy" and "True Blue Warrior Hero" with a picture of Decker's face.

As Decker's services are about to be held, authorities pressed on with their investigation into who killed the officer with a shotgun blast Thursday. Suspect Ryan Michael Larson was jailed, but he was released Tuesday because of a lack of evidence.

On Tuesday night, hundreds of mourners, including uniformed law enforcement officers from Minneapolis, St. Paul and many Twin Cities suburbs, waited in chilly air as a line snaked into the fallen officer's visitation at St. Boniface.

Collages of photos and treasured keepsakes lined the walls of the church, reflecting a young family man's life with his new wife: mugging with her at a bar, dancing with his four kids at his wedding,Red Canada Goose Calgary Jacket i got and i love it. or grinning in uniform, looking barely older than a teenager as he posed with a family member early in his career. In a hollowed-out old business directory were the words "Marry Me Alicia" next to a flower and a ring from his proposal.

The line led to the front of the church, where Decker lay in his Cold Spring police uniform below the words "With Love and Honor" along with his badge number, 6402. Next to the casket, flanked by a rotation of Decker's white-gloved fellow officers, sat his wife, Alicia, wrapped in a Cold Spring police leather jacket.

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Suits in Search of Holiday Cheer

THE holiday season brings many challenges,Wholesale and Discount SKY Cycling jersey online ! from the practical (what to give your boss) to the emotional (what to give your boss that will kill him in his sleep).Latest Discount Men's Tremblant Jacket Online!

Yes, the proper Christmas spirit can be difficult to get right — much less display — especially when trying to figure out how to dress for the gantlet of holiday parties if,Scarpe Hogan Interactive 2012 Donna Marrone dsquared shoes Outlet . as is often the case, you have to go to one directly from work.

This particular quandary has intensified with the advent of a new directive, increasingly common on invitations, urging festive attire. It's not black tie, it's not business dress, and it's definitely not come as you are. But what is “festive,” exactly?

“It doesn't mean anything,” said Jennifer Gilbert, the founder of Save the Date, a New York special events company. “That's the whole problem. So many people put that on invitations now, and no one really knows what it means. Well, women do. But 9 times out of 10, you say ‘festive attire' and guys show up in a blazer, the shirt they wore to work, unbuttoned and without the tie, and jeans. So it ends up being the opposite of festive.”

The “festive” predicament is familiar even to those in the fashion business, where outré clothing is celebrated more on mannequins than on management. But while designers don't always have the most practical concerns in mind (they're artists, O.K.?), it turns out that men's fashion is chockablock with stylish answers.

The three-piece suit is a good example, especially one in a fabric that has a little extra dash: a bold houndstooth, or a colorful tweed, like those in the Phineas Cole line at Paul Stuart. The faint unease of being in costume that can keep a man from putting on a three-piece on an ordinary day makes it ideal for the holidays. The same goes for classically tailored suits and jackets made in bold or unusual fabrics, like the magnified tartans that Thom Browne used this season.

Some clothes answer the question almost literally: suits and jackets that are plain except for the black satin lapels stolen right off a tuxedo. And even a well-tailored suit in a solid color can walk the line between business and formal when paired with a bow tie (in any color but black).Go for fashion and luxury Canada Goose Citadel Parka Men for cheap price in our online store.

“It's actually a really good way to expand your range, because the rules of what's acceptable are much looser,” said Alex Badia, the men's wear editor of Women's Wear Daily. “It's the one time of year you can be a little funny or silly and get away with it. I'm not saying you should wear a Christmas sweater. But you can take liberties with other traditional heritage pieces of tailored clothing, like plaid pants or a suit worn with a contrasting vest in a nice color, which do look festive but which you can still get away with at the office.”

Such garments are not conservative office attire, but they send a message that you're doing something fun later, which at least gets your co-workers wondering.

AND unlike a tuxedo, they are fit for all kinds of parties and occasions, depending on how much you dress them up or down. You might look at a Marc Jacobs synthetic jacquard camouflage sport coat and think, “When would I wear that?” The answer: surprisingly often (just not so often that people get tired of it). Moreover, with the borders eroding on formal wear as well, many of these clothes can double as cheeky black-tie wear — or for when the dress code is “black tie optional,” which may well be the only code more confusing than “festive.”

“I am finding that formal wear is more important than ever,” said Alan Maleh, the founder of a new men's style magazine, Man of the World, who added that he recently wore a Thom Browne bright plaid suit in lieu of a tuxedo to a couple's 40th anniversary party. “It's really crossing all the boundaries.Buy online shop chanel bags price from variety of collection. Guys are really stepping it up. Me, I tend to like something that makes an impact in a unique but classical way, like a bold plaid jacket with navy tux pants and a simple bow tie.”

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Rihanna and Chris Brown: Pop Star Views on Sex Are Far From Feminist

In light of recent Twitter events involving Chris Brown's avenging verbal assault on comedian Jenny Johnson,there have been oodles of responses based on Brown's “anger problem,” his misogynistic online comebacks at Johnson, and his grinning face which does not bear the guiltiness of a repentant offender. Judging by his slew of impassioned fans and their collective willingness to come to Chris Brown's defense, we can only assume that their prophet does not spread a message of peace.

While we can single out Brown's version of self-expression for criticism, we should also pay mind to the fact that he isn't the only celebrity to buy into a misogynist culture. Interestingly enough, we also have Rihanna to thank for providing examples of far from feminist-friendly speech.The Whole RadioShack Cycling Team is a non-profit Junior and U-23 development program.

In addition to "Men of the Year" Ben Affleck and Channing Tatum, Rihanna herself can found on newsstands as GQ's "Obsession of the Year." While her svelte physique and stylish crop-do she sports on the cover are to be admired, and rightfully so, the content of her interview is not as sharp as the leather jacket that's draped around her shoulders. In fact, when it comes to describing gender without sounding sexist, she comes across as downright ignorant. And while she may believe she is a front-runner for sexual expression in pop culture, it is safe to say she is worlds away from being as empowered as Gaga.

It's not the first interview where I have cringed at Rihanna's choice of language when describing gender roles. In the article, Rihanna speaks about her proclivity for dominant men. This preference is not a problem; it's how she chooses to describe her preference for being submissive in her relationships.

“I like to feel like a woman. I have to be in control in every other aspect of my life, so I feel like in a relationship, I wanted to be able to take a step back and have somebody else take the lead.”

Okay,Buy online shop chanel bags price from variety of collection. first of all what does that mean? I don't know how to “feel” like a woman, because being a woman is not some strange sensation that I tap into sometimes. I am a woman. It's a noun. There's no such thing as “feeling like a woman.” (Sorry, Shania Twain.) You can feel “feminine” and you can feel “sexy.” But there is no unwritten law the dictates what a woman feels and/or should feel like.

“I could absolutely be dominant, but in general, I'd rather … Love makes you go places you probably wouldn't ever go, had it not been for love. But I think everybody still has their limits,” she states,Go for fashion and luxury Canada Goose Citadel Parka Men for cheap price in our online store. divulging that her seat is in the back when it comes to relationships.

Rihanna wrongly uses her gender as a noun (woman) to describe an adjective (submissive). By saying “I like to feel like a woman” instead of saying she enjoys submission, she is placing limits on what women should choose or be expected to do/act. Last time I checked, “woman” is not an adjective synonymous with "passive." (I'm sure the dominatrixes of the world would agree.)

Rihanna has used gendered terms to characterize behaviors before. In a 2011 interview on the Ellen DeGeneres show, she stated, "I like men that are more aggressive, but mysterious,Latest Discount Men's Tremblant Jacket Online!Wholesale and Discount SKY Cycling jersey online ! but I like a man to be very sure. (Here's where I say “huh”?) I like them to be sure of themselves and know that (he's) the man. (Here's where I say “duh”) I'm the lady and the only way for us to make this work is for us to play our roles. You know, I really can't be the man for you.(There's surgery for that?) I don't want to be. I'm the man at work all the time."

Again, she demonstrates that she believes that social limits should be placed on gender roles, and that men and women should stay within these lines. What's worse is that she uses gender to imply that women are weaker than men. She describes herself as being "the man at work." I mean, was it too hard to say that she is "in control" or "powerful" at work?

Newsflash: "Power" is not a synonym for "balls."

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